Hi, I’m Donald.

I work on the internet and on weekends I get as far away from the internet as possible. That’s because I believe the web is a way of approaching the world, not a substitute for it. There are those who want to range us all in rows; I’ll stick to optimizing my code and meeting new people, thanks.

Besides, code is only half the battle. Any frontend engineer should be part product person and part interaction designer, too. After all, your application exists between two people, not two devices.

This is all to say that I love to design and build beautiful experiences. I’m currently working on Findery’s desktop and mobile sites, both as Backbone.js-driven model-view-whatever webapps. For the first year—and some 2,000 commits—I was the sole frontend developer shepherding the web experience from a nascent prototype through its public launch. And working all the while, of course, on a team of incredibly talented people.

Before Findery, I was with the fine folks of White Whale, as the lead interface designer and frontend engineer working on LiveWhale, a CMS used by universities nationwide. Along the way, I handled thoughtful and accessible design buildouts of sites for major institutions like Middlebury, NJIT, and Lewis & Clark.

I live in Brooklyn Los Angeles but left my heart in San Francisco miss Brooklyn like hell. I write poems, take pictures, make movies, and ride a bike. It’s red.

Say hi.